AdBlue - the additive is used by the vehicles EURO 4 and 5, with the aim of reducing harmful emissions in the air.

We are the general agent of BASF The Chemical Company (ISO 22241 and DIN 70070), which ensures the production of quality product equipped with the relevant quality goods certificates.

With the growth of sales of the product, we decided to buy our own tanks.

  • Supply and distribution of AdBlue in RBI containers (1,000 liters); each tank is equipped with a numbered seal, proper label and certificate;
  • Supply of goods with our own cistern;
  • Supply of pumps.

In spite of the continuing economic crisis, we took the initiative for the creation of stand-alone pumps where drivers can self- serving AdBlue, with the payment card system. It is located in the OIC Kozina by carrier Reja transport d.o.o. Kozina.

At your request we can organize the supply of stand-alone pumps with tanks of various sizes.

We have our own warehouse space for storage and manipulation of small consignments. We improve our services and provide partners with the help of Adria Terminali d.o.o., which can provide us with the manipulation of heavy loads.


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